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Refund & Cancellation Policy


We will allow for rescheduling without penalty with 72 hour notice prior to your course. We do not provide refunds for paid courses or classes. Not attending your course without notification places discretion to allow rescheduling solely with Bound To Happen (stuff happens and we take into account the circumstances on a case by case basis). 

To give notice of needing to reschedule, call 971-200-0848 or email info@boundtohappen.health.

New Client Download Center

Please download a copy of our HIPAA Compliance Statement encompassing and explaining our policy regarding your privacy rights and our privacy & discretion policy.  No action is needed on your part (you don't need to sign this and bring it in to your appointment or upload it). This is for your knowledge and well being.


New clients only : Download and fill out the Intake Form below and email the form to info@boundtohappen.health (a secure email address only reviewed by healthcare professionals) or drop it off in person with our staff or bring it to your appointment. 

Students who are enrolling in a class (such as CPR students)  do  not need  to fill this out.

Your HIPAA RIGHTS and Our Privacy & Discretion Policy (pdf)


Herbal Intake (pdf)